About Us

Diane Smith - CEO
Angie Berwald - President

Our philosophy is to provide a professional and dependable service by emphasizing trust, respect and compassion.


Our Mission is to provide pet lovers/owners a place to turn in time of need.

We understand that your pet is part of your family and that when one of your family members pass away it is a very emotional time.  When you lose a pet you have lost a companion.  And there is a deep sadness.

We too have experienced the sadness of losing a beloved pet.  We wanted to give you somewhere that would treat your loss with respect and compassion.  At All County Pet Memorial Services and All County Pet Crematory, we give you a place where it is okay to mourn your loss and to say goodbye. 

We have been guiding families through this difficult time and helping them with this final act of care since 1996.

At All County Pet Crematory we provide individual and private cremations.  Through All County Pet Memorial Services we provide a way to pay tribute to your friend through a Memorial Service, Cremation Service, urn or custom keepsake.  

Just as your pet is special, so is our relationship with you. 

Let us help you remember and honor the memories of your special family member.

And thank you for visiting our site.