Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private/ Individual Cremation?

Any cremation procedure deemed “Private” or “Individual” must be performed with only one pet’s remains or cremated remains in the cremation unit during the cremation process. Only one pet at a time will be cremated when a Private Cremation is performed. All retrievable cremated remains are collected from each cremation prior to placing the next pet remains in the cremation unit. Operators may not use the word “Private” in the title or description of any service in which more than one animal is cremated in any part of a single cremation unit at the same time. All County Pet provides only private cremations.

How will I know the ashes I get back are my Pet?

At All County Pet when your pet is received, it is assigned a cremation coin which has an identification number engraved on it. This coin stays with your pet throughout the entire cremation process. All County Pet offers only Private Cremations, meaning only one pet’s remains are placed in the cremation unit during the cremation process. Families also have the option of witnessing the pet remains being placed into the Cremation Unit.

How long until I can pick up my pet's ashes?

When your pet is ready to be picked up, one of our friendly associates will contact you. Depending on our schedule, this could be anywhere from one to three business days. Our associates will give you the best possible estimate of when your pet will be ready. We are open late for your convenience, and we understand special circumstances.

How should I transport my deceased pet to All County Pet?

Many customers choose to wrap their pet in a sheet or blanket. If you do not feel comfortable transporting your pet by yourself, we are here to help. We offer a home removal service (within a 30 mile radius of our facility) and a Veterinarian/Animal Hospital removal (within Cuyahoga County). If you have any questions or need assistance, we can be reached at (216) 398-4282.

How large of a pet can you cremate?

Our standard cremations are up to 100lbs, for any pet up to 250lbs please call for a quote.